About Galaxy Gate

Our Brand

Galaxy Gate originated as an idea, with the focus strictly on improving organized real estate across Canada. We started this project October 8th, 2010, spending time in research, development and planning, and now we are ready to bring Galaxy Gate to the Canadian real estate market.

The Canadian real estate market has seen new companies emerge and brands making their mark throughout Canada. Today, buyers and sellers have many options to choose from. So, why the need for another real estate brand? In a sea of real estate companies, Galaxy Gate has taken a bold step and a commitment to improving organized real estate across Canada.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Galaxy Gate Corporate Group to build strong real estate brand across Canada by focusing on strategic planning, strong marketing, and customer care. In this mission, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our Partnership Program through strong leadership, education and training for management and sales representatives. In addition, we will also provide strong enforcement to ensure ethical, professional, and reliable service is provided to all Galaxy Gate clients, resulting in Building Lifetime LoyaltyTM.

Make in Canada

Galaxy Gate Western Canada Corporation is Canadian owned and operated. The Company’s mandate is to support our real estate offices in Western and Central Canada.

We are very proud and excited to bring Galaxy Gate as a benchmark of excellence to Canadian real estate buyers and sellers. In addition to higher standards in customer service, we have designed our business model based upon training, education, ethical service and prime performance of our real estate offices and sales representatives.