Galaxy Gate Education

We are developing education and training systems to keep our broker of record/operators and sales representatives fully trained and up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in the Canadian Real Estate Market. In addition, we are focusing on training our staff with ethical, professional and reliable service to all Galaxy Gate clients.

All sales representatives, owners and administrative staff must take mandatory courses, which will assist in their real estate careers. We are offering training program tailored to each individual based upon their past experience, educational background and reforming professional service mandate.


We believe the most important element of a successful Real Estate Career in Canada is education. Education as it has been in the real estate industry is not always successful. It’s not the institute or mentors at fault. We believe the education has been provided following one template for many. The many which are joining real estate are from various professional backgrounds. Galaxy Gate builds on the strength and weaknesses for each member joining and provides educational goals to achieve their career goals.

Galaxy Gate Research

After extensive real estate education research since 2010, we have placed various educational streams, combinations and a process to effectively educate and train all members. The process enhances individual ability to perform at their peak to produce exceptional sales without sacrificing customer service.

Galaxy Gate Better Way

We are not universities or institutes nor in that business. We are in the business of selling real estate. How we accomplish that ethically is by keeping it simple. Galaxy Gate education is the new benchmark of Real Estate Education where we are leaving the traditional ways of teaching and keeping education fresh, exciting and innovative.

Mandatory Completion

We make it mandatory to take courses and pass the exams with a minimum 75%. All courses and course materials are approved by the corporate and regional offices in Canada.

Balanced Approach

Galaxy Gate supports education with balanced approach where a sales representative can set and achieve sale goals, keep up with educational tasks and also enjoy personal life.