Quality Service Guarantee

Quality Service Guarantee

Galaxy Gate is the first company in Canada to provide the quality service guarantee. The Galaxy Gate quality service guarantee states that all brokerages and their sales representatives are held accountable for any action against Galaxy Gate clients. All disciplinary actions taken will be announced on the regional corporate sites. Quality service departments are established at each of the corporate offices to ensure ethical, professional and reliable services are provided to all Galaxy Gate clients.

Training of Staff and Management

Galaxy Gate has incorporated systems for brokerages, managers, broker associates, brokers of record, sales representatives and administration staff. Mandatory courses are required to be completed every quarter by management and sales representatives to ensure that all Galaxy Gate members are equipped with the latest in quality service knowledge.

Bringing it Back to Real Customer Service

Galaxy Gate’s extensive research shows a drastic decrease in the quality of customer service. The majority of complaints from buyers and sellers are similar: whether they are in British Columbia, Alberta or Ontario. We are changing what has become the norm when it comes to customer service.

Technology: An Integrated Approach

Integrated systems are in place to assist our brokerages and sales representative to be fully equipped to streamline their business. Galaxy Gate believes in a constant flow of information among sellers, buyers, brokerages, sales representatives and the corporate offices. We have technology in place to assist at all levels.

Strength in our Team

The strength of our offices and sales representatives comes from their commitment to be better, learn better and become better. They are willing to learn from our real estate leaders, from experienced instructors, e-training programs and are ready to set a benchmark of exceptional service for our valued clients. Their strength also lies in their commitment to build a strong career with a Canadian real estate brand that is taking bold steps to ensure survival in a highly volatile Canadian real estate market.


Galaxy Gate is defined by its culture of teamwork. Essentially, from the corporate office to regional offices, brokerages and sales representatives, we like to work as a unit where all members are supported. To be successful in the Canadian real estate market, we encourage our members to become effective team players.