Taking Care of Our Own

We know the challenges facing professionals serving the Canadian real estate market. We haven’t been there, we are there now. It will become more challenging to be successful in the real estate sales as the market is changing. In addition, sellers and buyers are more aware and cautious about ethical and professional service.

Our guarantee to all joining brokers, sales representatives and managers is to ensure survival and success in the market. Galaxy Gate was established to build a strong professional brand through assistance, training, and education to help you build a career as a successful business person.

Our business model is based customer service and attention to professional work. We make it simple to achieve positive results sooner and strongly believe in Building Lifetime LoyaltyTM with real estate professionals, sellers and buyers.

Galaxy Gate is committed to build a successful career for all new graduates. It’s a process, a commitment to learn, a passion to succeed and a strong brand to back you up. Together we will build a strong career.

We have a process in place for joining sales representatives, managers, owners and franchisees.

Join GALAXY GATE® and enjoy success and happiness. We are here to help!

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